Primal Ecosystem

Projects and platforms building or built upon or partnering with Primal

The Primal ecosystem has seen massive growth since the launch of the platform in 2021. It includes the following key elements:

1) Basic infrastructure. This category includes:

  • Primal-operated tools like the Primal RPC, Primal Explorer, Primal Staking, etc.

  • Primal's mobile-centric B2B infrastructure enabling corporate clients to create token-powered applications and on-board clients via mobile wallets and apps.

2) Interoperability tools. This includes multichain bridge and inter-chain transfer protocols, such as multichain bridge (Primal Bridge).

3) Decentralised exchanges. PrimalSwap and many others

4) Centralised exchanges (on other chains) where Primal's native PRM coin and other Primal-powered assets are traded. Primal.Exchange and many others

5) DeFi tools. The DeFi space on Primal is led by the community-governed Primal platform.

6) NFTs, Metaverses and Gaming. There are many gaming apps currently available like PRM Saga available for Android phone users; NFT is also available on the PzrimalSwap with more to be created on an NFT dedicated platform; also metaverse will have a dedicated home.

7) Wallets and dApp browsers. These include, among others, PrimalSafe, MetaMask, Brave Wallet, BitKeep, Math Wallet.

8) Sports Bet. There will be a Primal sports bet platform that will improve sporting experience in the crypto space.

9) Decentralised OS. There will be a decentralised operating system that will be plug-and-play with AI enable features and functinalities.

8) Other tools, aggregators, trackers, bounties, etc. Among these, the most noteworthy are DappRadar,, Staking Rewards, DeBank.

You can explore more on Primal by visiting the Primal official website.

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