Here, you can find the information that can help you navigate the interoperability options that you can use to transfer tokens to and from the Primal blockchain.

The Primal team strongly believes in interoperability among public blockchains. No single platform is likely to become fully dominant in the future.

Hence, interoperability solutions enabling transfers between Primal and other blockchains are vital for the continued growth of the Primal platform and ecosystem.

The Primal team has been making considerable progress in getting Primal added by the leading operators. Currently the Primal blockchain is connected to other blockchains via the following multichain bridges and value transfer protocols:

1) The Primal bridge.

and many more blockchain & multichain networks will be added to the Primal Bridge and the PRM network added to theirs as well.

The Primal Bridge

The Primal bridge was originally created by the Primal team and has been transferred to the community-governed Primal DeFi platform.

It connects Primal to Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Both bridges are custodial. The bridge to Ethereum is permissionless, while new tokens need to be added to the BSC bridge.

On both bridges, sending tokens from the relevant blockchain to Primal is not subject to any fees or limits. Token withdrawals from Primal incur a 0.05% fee on the amount bridged. Users transferring funds also need to pay the fees on the destination chain in order to claim their tokens from the bridge contract at the final stage of the transfer.

The bridge can be accessed via the PrimalSwap and PrimalSafe Wallet.

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